Christopher has over 35 years of experience as a software engineer, including computer science, networking, software development, software testing and operations. He began programming computers at the age of 12, and technology has been both his hobby as well as his career. In the 80s, he participated in the development of many of the major commercial Bulletin Board (BBS) packages by helping connect them to what would become the Internet. In the 90s, he was the author of the most-used PC version of UUCP (one of the earliest protocols for connecting to the Internet, now thankfully obsolete).

As the Internet has evolved, Christopher has been involved in just about every aspect of its use and development, from protocols to web-based systems and even the political process, having participated in the formation and evolution of ICANN since 1995.

Christopher has ten patents (eight issued, two pending).

He regularly speaks at industry conferences and is known for making complex topics understandable in plain English, at any level.

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