F-It Friday: 25 October, 2019


On Fridays, I'm so over it. This Friday, I'm done responding to memes I know are wrong. 

There's the old joke about the guy who's up all night, yelling to his spouse, "I can't come to bed! Someone's wrong on the Internet!" That's not me anymore, and it's simply because I don't have time for it. It's seriously getting out of hand. People are posting unchecked memes rather than stating their own opinion or doing their own research.

Worse, when this is pointed out, their response is often either, "Well, it sounds good," or worse, "I know it's wrong, but it's funny, so I'm going to leave it."

Sorry, I'm not buying it. And I'm just not going to engage any more.

Oh, and #GetOffMyLawn.

Now, post something genuinely funny, and you'll get a like. Just know the difference.


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